Delegated, shared and third party authorization

Enable new services with next generation authorization

Authorization can finally go beyond the individual by leveraging the connections between users.

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Extend your services with new authorization possibilities

Delegated authorization

Empower your customers to delegate payment authorization to a family member or representative. Solve the digital challenge of power of attorney with high assurance and trust, within your application.

Shared authorization

Design authorization policies that leverage the connections between users in a group, removing friction while enhancing security.

Third party authorization

Enable power of attorney and other types of third party authorization that meet legal requirements, digital and empower the user.

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Knowledge Based Access Control

Customer identity and authorization is powered by Knowledge Based Access Control. This advanced authorization tool allows you to intuitively design granular, secure and intelligent authorization decisions. Powered by a knowledge graph, it leverages context, relationships and rich metadata to facilitate intelligent access control with hyper precision.

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Empower your users with authorization logic that reflects their world


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New service enablement

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Dynamic, real time decisions

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Scalable and flexible

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Complex authorization made simple

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Connected experiences

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