Identity-powered AI

AI relies on trusted data. Build trust into your data by capturing and leveraging risk scoring, source and verification for each data point. Because every piece of data has an identity.

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A unified identity fabric is just the beginning…

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Leverage the intelligence and flexibility of a unified identity fabric

Connect identity data and business metadata across silos in an identity-centric graph-based data model, providing the flexibility and tooling you need for your innovative use cases.

Reflect the real world with a dynamic data model

Start small addressing your business needs today and easily expand as your requirements grow, with no need for custom coding, ongoing maintenance and technical debt.

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Simply extend your existing architecture

Augment your existing IAM infrastructure with open extensions and existing standards.

Incorporate the best of data engineering

Understand, visualize and audit the use of your digital identities across the organization.

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Powered by Identity Knowledge Graph

Accurately reflect your landscape of users, applications, machines and data types. A real-world data model of both person and non-person entities and the relationships between them.

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