Unified data solutions for financial services

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Build trust with every transaction

Customers expect world class security when dealing with their finances, which often comes with high friction experiences. Reverse this trend with low friction, seamless user journeys while still delivering on privacy and security.

  • Compliant with open banking standards
  • User controlled data sharing
  • Flexible, dynamic and intelligent authorization decisions
  • Privacy-first approach

Don’t be constrained by legacy challenges

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Siloed identity data in legacy systems

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Only all-or nothing data sharing decisions

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Use case is too complex for your current tooling

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Lack granular controls

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1:1 integrations

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Compliance creating friction

Enhance real-time threat detection and response

Leverage the rich insights of the Identity Knowledge Graph for more granular threat detection. Utilize the responsive, context aware authorization policies of Knowledge-Based Access Control to increase assurance. Apply machine learning for immediate, intelligent risk analysis.

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Built for open banking

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Compliant with open banking standards

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Granular data-level authorization for APIs

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First-party data sharing with consent

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Data-driven and data-enhanced

Create seamless customer experiences

With Knowledge-based access control

IndyKite Knowledge-Based Access control delivers faster and more intelligent authorization to enable new value driven use cases.

When combined with IndyKite Trusted Data Access, you can create experiences that go beyond parameters of individual applications or services, leveraging your entire ecosystem for the benefit of your customer.

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Customer success story

A whole-of-market financial services boosted service offering with trusted data sharing

With a large number of citizens, businesses and public sector agencies reliant on its services, our customer was looking to enhance its products and services, while increasing revenue.

The customer wanted to enable the end-user with consent options for sharing contact data from its application to merchants reliant on its services. 

Using Trusted Data Access, the customer was able to establish hyper-granular and flexible consent controls for seamless sharing of first-party data.  

The end-user can now make updates/changes to first-party data in the customer’s application and consent to sharing this update with relevant merchants, removing the need for the user to duplicate effort.

In addition, this has enabled the company to:

  • Create a new service offering for 3000+ merchants
  • Give the end-user power over own data
  • Create a seamless experience for end-users
  • position for the coming eIDAS standards
  • Create the basis for service expansion in the future
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Leveraging unified data for financial services


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