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Patricia Alfheim
June 29, 2022

Identity orchestration for Web 3.0

We are more online than ever before, and more of our lives are online than ever before. Our personal and identity data is collected by practically every service or product we engage with...
with David Mahdi
June 22, 2022


Orchestration: privacy and consent in Web 3.0

David Mahdi talks us through the challenging landscape to unpack the opportunities in privacy and consent, with Sutton Maxwell bringing IndyKite's perspective.
Patricia Alfheim
May 25, 2022

The value of graph for identity management

Graph technology is booming, with more and more industries jumping on the graph train. So what happens when you apply it to Identity and Access Management? Read on to see the value it can unlock.
Alexandra Teachout
May 16, 2022

The case for accountability

If you are on Twitter you surely know that the topic that has been trending in the last weeks has been…well, Twitter. Check out our thoughts on what authentication could mean for the twitterverse!
with Scott McNealy
May 4, 2022


Unlocking the value of identity with AI

In this webinar, we welcome Lasse Andresen and special guest Scott McNealy, Co-founder of Sun Microsystems to share their thoughts on what we could learn if we applied machine learning and artificial
Patricia Alfheim
April 12, 2022

Why the future of identity will be decentralized

Do you know how many online accounts you have? How many services or websites know your credit card details, biometrics, ID numbers, addresses etc?
Sutton Maxwell
March 23, 2022


Connected Dots: Graph Data for Digital Identity

In this webinar, we go through how graph technology can be applied in a digital identity context and the business value it can deliver.
Patricia Alfheim
March 21, 2022

The Evolving Role of Identity - So what's next?

We've come a long way in creating trust relationships online but possibly one of the biggest shifts to how digital identity is managed lays directly ahead.
Sutton Maxwell
February 23, 2022


Towards Web 3.0: Digital Identity's Evolving role

In this webinar, we explore what the reality of web 3.0 means for the way digital identity is managed. IndyKite's, VP EMEA Sutton Maxwell, walks participants through how identity has been managed...
Marius Sorteberg
January 13, 2022

The Magic is Knowing Relationships

As a futurist I study trends shaping the future of technology. For some years, I have followed the explosion of IoT devices with curiosity on how they will impact our businesses. ’m new to the graph..
Line Austnes
December 13, 2021

Getting Started: Graph 101

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and PayPal all tapped into the power of graph databases to create booming businesses. Their secret? They each used graph database technology to harness....
Heather Vescent
November 13, 2021

Human and NPE Identity

For many years, I’ve been active in a “human-centric digital identity” community. This community comes together twice a year at the Internet Identity Workshop and most of our conversation is around...
Derek Small
May 13, 2021

Managing Identity Relationships

Alex’s session provided real-life examples of identity relationships and their application by organizations implementing 360 views of their world-wide client base.
Heather Vescent
April 13, 2021

The NPE Identity Landscape

There is no single answer to the question: What is an NPE? Through our interviews and research, multiple definitions were used. This is due to different industries using the same terminology to....