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Indykite is building the future of AI with identity-centric data veracity

Backed by leading venture firms and based in San Francisco, IndyKite unifies identity and business data into an operational data layer to supercharge authorization, applications, analytics, and AI. 

With an identity-centric approach, IndyKite enables companies to achieve higher trust in their AI and applications with enhanced visibility and data veracity.

Our team of highly skilled identity, data and AI geeks are building a new category of services that solve the challenges of today, while accelerating the world of tomorrow.

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This industry has seen so many consolidations recently and frankly, none of them offer better solutions to customers. The fact that IndyKite looks at the problem from a different lens finally brings back some excitement in an otherwise dull space.

Scott McNealy

Lasse Andresen

Founder and CEO

Lasse Andresen, a 20+ year digital identity veteran, is the founder and CEO of IndyKite. Lasse previously co-founded leading IAM company, ForgeRock, which became publicly traded in 2021. As CEO, Lasse led the company through the startup phase to become an industry leader, with a $2.8 billion valuation at IPO. 

Seeing a unique and exciting opportunity in approaching identity from a connected data perspective, Lasse began building a new project. He wanted to push the boundaries of the industry and challenge the current ways of thinking around identity, data management, privacy and AI. In 2021, after quickly assembling a talented team of experts, IndyKite was born. 

When he's not dreaming up the next big thing in identity, Lasse is a passionate keyboard player and cyclist, and has toured countries around the world.

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