Unify your identity and business data to supercharge your






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IndyKite connects identities of humans, machines, bots and data products to enable a unified view of your ecosystem.

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Each digital entity and data point can be enriched with context, source and levels of assurance - all visible in your defined metadata.

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Powering reliable AI with high-quality data  - improving control, trust, and consistency.

Indykite Platform now delivering

Identity-powered AI

  • Increase data trust and veracity
  • Rapidly accelerate product and application creation
  • Solve innovative use cases that were previously impossible
  • Drive revenue while protecting your ecosystem
  • Deliver trusted AI and ML
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Don’t be limited by current constraints

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Unsolvable use cases

Lack granular functionality in your current tool set to deliver what your business wants to do?

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Inability to protect shared data

Lack the right tooling to protect sensitive data when it leaves your IAM system as you connect it across your business?

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Invisible or inaccessible data

Is the data you need locked away in silos, or lacking transparency to ensure it's reliable?

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Unsafe or untrustworthy data

Struggling to know where your data originated, if it’s accurate and if you can rely on it?

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Rigid data structures

Lack tooling to integrate the data you want, stuck with managing older systems, leaving little capacity to build for new use cases?

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Costly integrations to applications

Stuck with point to point integrations that are costly and eat at your time to market?

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Trust accelerates action

Move beyond 1:1 integrations and fragmented data to a unified view of your identity and business data.

With the IndyKite Platform

Centrally manage and monitor the flow, use, and accuracy of identity and business data used in authorization, analytics and AI applications across your organization - regardless of source.

IndyKite Platform
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Designed to manage complexity with intelligent, dynamic and externalized access decisions.

With Knowledge-based Access Control

Design new, automated, fine-grained authorization flows between people, systems, digital products and things, able to handle complex and dynamic policies across applications.

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Safely share data with your B2B network by unlocking user-approved data sharing

With Trusted Data Access

Deploy industry-compliant data collection services to unlock real-time insights about your customers behavior across brands and partner networks.

Trusted Data Access
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See it in action with a live demo

Built to maximise your existing stack

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A knowledge graph enabling deep intelligence critical for authorization and unlocking new business opportunities.

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Open & Interoperable

No need to rip and replace, integrate your existing infrastructure with IndyKite's platform.

Flexible data model

Flexible data model

Allowing you to expand and scale product creation. Get started and grow

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Low code/no code tooling

Providing slick tooling that everyone at your organization can use, driving product creation at scale.

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Machine learning

Uncover the insights at the intersection of identity and connected data.