The identity platform that can

rock your world

connect your universe

create value

boost ROI on security spend

drive web 3.0

deliver dynamic authorization

rock your world

Identity and Access Management is more than security. Move beyond traditional IAM and drive business value across all your products and services.

Leverage identity data for growth

Icon enhanced data analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers via enhanced data analytics

Icon deliver new products

Deliver new products and personalized services

Icon faster time to market

Experience faster time to market

Icon graph database

Deploy at scale with a flexible, graph based data model

Icon leverage privacy by design

Leverage privacy by design in a zero trust framework

Icon empower customers

Empower your customers with control of their data

Explore Solutions leverages flexible graph technology to model the real world, providing a reference of rich, deep relationships that link your services to your customers, employees and citizens. Access products via our front-end tooling or integrate directly into your existing environment.

IndyKite admin console

Experience the next generation of Identity Management

Secure onboarding and authentication

  • Verification and KYC
  • Authentication (+Biometrics)
  • Seamless experience

Value-added services

  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Identity data orchestration
  • New value creation
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Connect, enrich, and authorize

  • Context and machine learning data enrichment
  • Dynamic and scalable authorization (KBAC)
  • Data sharing with consent
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Explore Products
Image from cost prevention to value creation

From cost prevention to value creation

  • Icon checkmark

    Increase revenue

  • Icon checkmark

    Grow market share

  • Icon checkmark

    Gain customers for life

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    Increase compliance and harden your security posture

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    Remove security barriers and friction

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    Realize return on your existing IAM investments

Built decentralized from the ground up

Contextual icon


A knowledge graph enabling deep intelligence critical for authorization and unlocking new business opportunities.

Open and Interoperable icon

Open & Interoperable

No need to rip and replace, integrate your existing infrastructure with IndyKite's platform.

Flexible data model icon

Flexible data model

Allowing you to expand and scale product creation. Get started and grow.

Low code/no code  icon

Low code/no code tooling

Providing slick tooling that everyone at your organization can use, driving product creation at scale.

AI/ML icon

Machine learning

Uncover the insights at the intersection of identity and connected data.

Webinar Identity knowledge in action

JAN 25, 2023 03:00 PM, CET

Identity knowledge in action: Utility across the Value Chain

Identity knowledge is the key that unlocks the value of contextualized, enriched identity data to drive value across your business. Join the IndyKite team as we walk through various practical applications of identity knowledge.

Can identity knowledge solve retail’s biggest issues?

It’s a big call - but hear us out. Retail faces some major challenges around technology and customer experience and we believe identity knowledge offers some significant benefits for each pain point.

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Webinar: Customer Identity in Web 3.0

Retail's Best Asset

Join us as Sutton Maxwell walks through the fast evolving retail landscape with Erik Marcus Torkildsen, Head of Identification and Payments at Rema 1000, one of Noway's largest supermarket chains.

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Security is an important foundation - but don’t stop building there

When most people think of identity and access management, they think of securing and protecting the user, system and data. But there is more to the story.

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