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IndyKite unifies your identity data and business data, making it easily available for all of your authorization, applications, analytics and AI

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Discover the other half of identity and access management


The IndyKite Identity Data Platform is a cloud-native SaaS solution that leverages a connected data model to deliver Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. Powered by a graph core, IndyKite enables organizations to unify identity and business data into an operational data layer that supports complex and sophisticated use cases.

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Rapidly accelerate product and application creation

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Increase visibility across your identity stack

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Foundation for zero trust

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Solve complex use cases that were previously impossible

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Use identity data as a revenue driver - not just a security posture

IndyKite unifies your identity data allowing you to:

Data management and Engineering

Align, manage and monitor your customer identity data

Centrally manage and monitor the flow, use, and accuracy of identity data used in authorization, analytics and AI applications across your organization.

IndyKite Identity Data Platform
Knowledge-Based Access Control
Dynamic Authorization

Leverage real-world context to deliver dynamic and externalized authorization

Design new, fine-grained authorization flows based on context and the relationships between people, systems and things.

Data sharing

Unlock user-approved data sharing with granular access control

Deploy industry-compliant data collection services to unlock real-time insights about your customers behavior across brands and partner networks.

Trusted Data Sharing
Identity Insights
Data discovery and insights

Delivering deep intelligence critical for complex use cases

Use your unified identity graph as a basis for a new level of understanding of your users and devices - how they behave, how they relate and how they act together.

Data analytics and AI

Uncover potential cyber threats and risks

Use your unified identity graph to deliver powerful insights on user behavior, enrich your existing ITDR workflows and strengthen your decision making.

Identity Insights Threat Detection

Experience the next generation of Identity Management

IndyKite’s product suite provides intelligent Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions to enhance customer experience and drive growth.

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Built to maximise your existing stack

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A knowledge graph enabling deep intelligence critical for authorization and unlocking new business opportunities.

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Open & Interoperable

No need to rip and replace, integrate your existing infrastructure with IndyKite's platform.

Flexible data model

Flexible data model

Allowing you to expand and scale product creation. Get started and grow

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Low code/no code tooling

Providing slick tooling that everyone at your organization can use, driving product creation at scale.

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Machine learning

Uncover the insights at the intersection of identity and connected data.