Align, manage and monitor customer identity data

Centrally manage and monitor the flow, use, and accuracy of your identity fabric

Identity Insights Threat Detection

All businesses are dealing with a lot of data across many systems - there is value in operationalizing this data but also a lot of risk.

Core to solving this challenge is removing the barriers for a centralized understanding of your business and safely and securely deploying this data to drive value for your business. 

Building, operating, managing, and utilizing an identity fabric is never done. Use IndyKite to get control

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Connect data across your domains, make it available for distributed use and analysis by other teams



Centrally monitor, audit, enforce distributed data flows



Data can be used by others in the organization with trust and context

Once you have solved the data challenge you can

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Leverage real-world context to deliver externalized authorization

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Accelerate your understanding of customers

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Uncover potential threats and risks

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Unlock user-approved data sharing and access control

The IndyKite Platform

The IndyKite Platform is a cloud-native SaaS solution that leverages a connected data model to deliver Identity and Access Management (IAM) services.

IndyKite Identity Data Platform

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