Authorization for Customer Identity

Create incredible experiences for your customers

Authorization is a key enabler of your services and with a connected authorization solution, it can be a powerful value driver.

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Deliver amazing customer experience, driving growth for your business

Personalized experience

Drive hyper-personalization with contextual data that models the real world. Gain deep insight into your customers with first party data to provide services and offers that meet their needs.

Privacy first design

Provide the security they desire with transparency and control of how their data is used to enhance their experience.

Build loyalty

With fast integration into your application and loyalty programs you can create frictionless experiences that drive loyalty, trust and value for both you and your customers.

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Knowledge Based Access Control

Customer identity and authorization is powered by Knowledge Based Access Control. This advanced authorization tool allows you to intuitively design granular, secure and intelligent authorization decisions. Powered by a knowledge graph, it leverages context, relationships and rich metadata to facilitate intelligent access control with hyper precision.

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Gain deep insight into your customers with data you can put to work


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Intuitive services

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Private and secure

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Empowered for delegation

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Designed for their world

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