Unified data solutions for Retail

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Digital identity drives the customer experience

Knowing who your customers are, why they are here, and what they need now are critical data points to

  • Build holistic customer journeys from the physical to the digital
  • Increase brand trust with transparent, user-owned consent
  • Reduce your bottom line with more personalized payment journeys
  • Securely open up cross-sell opportunities with your brand partners

Go beyond the restrictions of your stack

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Stuck with inflexible data models

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Data silos limit your ability to follow the whole customer journey

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Use case is too complex for your current tooling

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Lack the visibility across your partner network

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Unable to automate secure access for customer data

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Only all-or nothing access decisions

Unify your data to reveal the total customer picture

With Identity Knowledge Graph

The Identity Knowledge Graph unifies disconnected identity data and business metadata into one contextualized layer to reveal the total picture necessary for complex customer journeys

Get visibility across you and your partner´s data stack and track and manage data sharing permissions

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Make complex access decisions simple

With Knowledge-based access control

IndyKite Knowledge-Based Access control delivers faster and more intelligent authorization to enable new value driven use cases.

Use Knowledge Based Access Control to design granular access to segmented real-time data streams - between systems, users and devices.

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Customer success story

A leading retailer drives smart payment solutions, reducing bottom line

Payment services were a significant cost base for our customer, presenting an opportunity for innovation. Standardizing how the business integrates with payment providers was an important step to realizing cost savings and focusing on building the customer journey in accordance with their brand.

This retailer struggled to understand the context in which the end-user was attempting a transaction, limiting their ability to drive flexible payment schemes across different payment service providers (PSP). 

With IndyKites´s context-aware solution, the retailer was able to pick the best PSP for the situation, finding opportunities to lower transaction costs and offer easy payment flows for the end-user.

Additionally, implementing a standardized way to integrate with PSPs can drive flexibility and choice in providers as the organization evolves. By taking an identity-first approach, all regulations and compliance requirements were met outside of the PSP, allowing the retailer to make PSP decisions based on the best opportunities and end-user journeys the organization wanted to drive.

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