Retail IAM solutions

Orchestrate secure end-to-end customer experiences with identity

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Trust is your most valuable asset - build it with every interaction.

Orchestrate a secure and frictionless user experience across all your channels with strong authentication, advanced authorization and continuous validation.

Remove data silos and discover the benefits of identity knowledge for a real-time view of customer engagement and threat detection.

Reduce your attack surface by leveraging a decentralized identity model, offering greater security and privacy for users.Build trust through safe, secure and frictionless interactions to grow customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Turn data into actionable identity knowledge

Fully integratable with your existing identity infrastructure, use Indykite's Retail IAM Solutions to enrich and augment your data to create a complete view of your customer. Use this knowledge to deliver safe interactions, personalizations, and unlock valuable insights - all within a zero trust framework.

Data goes into knowledge graph through IndyKite

Get customers on board faster with frictionless authentication and verification

Make the first interaction with your customer count with secure onboarding, verification and strong authentication.

Customers, employees and citizens have extensive digital profiles, accounts and passwords resulting in a poor user experience and security vulnerabilities.

Leverage IndyKite authentication services to drive frictionless onboarding, verification and secure workflows from the start.Delight your customers with seamless experience from login to checkout, reducing abandonment.

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Value Chain - Building the Knowledge Base

Deliver advanced dynamic authorization

Leverage the power of the underlying knowledge graph to deliver complex access decisions that reflect real world context.

Deploy your enriched datasets and metadata to expand insights and perform granular authorization needed to drive secure interactions within your applications.

Analyze enriched data from all touch points to drive real-time threat detection.Let your customer choose how their data is handled with semantic (non-PII) data driving their experience.

Value added services

Deploy identity knowledge to drive more value for your business and customers. The flexible graph-based data model allows you to securely utilize knowledge to create new services, reduce costs and extend your existing revenue streams.

  • Enable dynamic and flexible payment schemes with multiple payment service providers
  • Enable new channel creation to build more touchpoints with your customers
  • Connect securely with your customer through all your brands, creating cross-sell opportunities, geolocation offers and real-time seamless experiences.
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Experience the difference of identity knowledge and unlock the value it can drive for your brand.

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