Knowledge-Based Access Control

Fine-grained authorization based on the relationship between people, systems and things

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Unify access management

centralize your authorization in the cloud for your applications and APIs

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Modernize your applications

move from hard-coded and static to externalized and dynamic

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Get granular

utilize authorization policies to derive fine-grained access decisions

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Enable zero trust

enforce least privilege access by verifying data access at every step

Move out of project mode with Knowledge-Based Access Control

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Your access control is tightly coupled to apps
Externalize and unify
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Your partners, distributors & customers demand speed
Timely access services with graph
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Time to pre-plan all of your data models
Flexible models to break silos and streamline access control
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Admin can’t deal with roles and entitlement explosion
Modernize your authorization strategy by using a dynamic policy engine
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Overprovisioning increasing security risks
Adaptive access, least privilege, zero trust

How it works

Simply design your authorization policy with our drag and drop tool, with reference to your users, systems, entities and the relationships between them. This policy will remain responsive to your real-time data and user context, the addition of new data points, and adjustments to your policy logic. 

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Using the identity data, context, and relationships, IndyKite offers a progressive approach to authorization access controls with its Knowledge-Based Access Control (KBAC) solution.

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  • Intuitive services
  • Private and secure
  • Empowered for delegation
  • Designed for their world
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  • More revenue opportunities
  • Faster time to value 
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Deep insights and data utility
  • New use cases
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  • Holistic overview of users
  • Extend existing investment
  • Greater connectivity
  • Compliant and positioned for the future
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Dive deeper into how it works


Is your attribute data curated, connected, and available for fast results?

Learn more about the benefits of graph for authorization here:

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