Knowledge-Based Access Control

Advanced authorization driven by knowledge

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Advanced authorization-as-a-service

IndyKite Knowledge-Based Access Control is the authorization solution to better guard risk, improve security and uncover insights for new product creation.

KBAC leverages the IndyKite Knowledge Graph to express the relationships and context present in the real-world, digitally.

Evolution of access control

The Evolution of Access Control

KBAC leverages the power of the knowledge graph to deliver complex authorization decisions

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Extend authorization workflows

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Unlock higher risk protection

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Enhance security

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Uncover new insights to drive business value

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Given the growing ecosystem of digital identities that extend beyond humans to bots, devices, and machines in a modern world, there is also a corresponding need to manage the increasing complexity of interactions between them to determine access decisions. Using the identity data, context, and relationships, IndyKite offers a progressive approach to authorization access controls with its Knowledge-Based Access Control (KBAC) solution.

How does it work

Simply design your authorization policy with our drag and drop tool, with reference to your users, systems, entities and the relationships between them. This policy will remain responsive to your real-time data and user context, the addition of new data points, and adjustments to your policy logic. 

KBAC’s novel approach of using graph technology unlocks a whole new level of authorization services, including:

  • Shared accounts with shared payment authorization
  • Third party authorization
  • Multiple access policies for a single user (based on given context)
  • Universal authorization policies implemented on-top of your existing IDPs
Knowledge-based access control

Deploy Knowledge-based access control as a service to deliver resilient, robust and responsive authorization.

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