Knowledge-Based Access Control

Advanced authorization driven by knowledge

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Leverage real world context to deliver dynamic, externalized authorization

IndyKite Knowledge-Based Access Control delivers faster and more intelligent authorization to enable new value driven use cases.

Design new authorization flows based on relationships between people, systems and things.

Smarter access control for modern applications

Smart access control

Dynamic and externalized authorization

Streamline authorization decisions across your products and services, leveraging rich connected real-time data

Fine grained access control

Deliver hyper-granular decisions to enable new workflows and use cases, includíng data streams, APIs, people, systems, devices and things.

Intuitive authorization policies

Design your authorization policies with natural language, removing the complexity, while enabling granular decisions.

Fast and flexible

Designed to integrate and complement your existing systems, you can get up and running faster and adjust as you go -without accidental architecture.

See the power of knowledge driven authorization:

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Universal authorization

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Delegated, shared and third party authorization

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API access

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Data stream authorization

How does it work

Simply design your authorization policy with our drag and drop tool, with reference to your users, systems, entities and the relationships between them. This policy will remain responsive to your real-time data and user context, the addition of new data points, and adjustments to your policy logic. 

Knowledge-based access control
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Using the identity data, context, and relationships, IndyKite offers a progressive approach to authorization access controls with its Knowledge-Based Access Control (KBAC) solution.

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Modern authorization built for complexity, flexibility and speed

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Discover new use cases and monetization opportunities

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Unlock higher risk protection

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Enhance privacy and security

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Uncover new insights to drive business value


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  • Intuitive services
  • Private and secure
  • Empowered for delegation
  • Designed for their world
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  • More revenue opportunities
  • Faster time to value 
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Deep insights and data utility
  • New use cases
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  • Holistic overview of users
  • Extend existing investment
  • Greater connectivity
  • Compliant and positioned for the future
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