Identity Knowledge Graph

Accurately reflect your landscape of users, applications, machines and data types. A real-world data model of both person and non-person entities and the relationships between them.

Identity Knowledge Graph

A new identity graph data model designed to reflect your business reality  

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Flexibility and Unbound Scale

The IndyKite Knowledge Graph efficiently reflects the highly interconnected real world

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Speed and Efficiency

Evaluate highly relational queries orders of magnitude faster than relational databases

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Query for highly relational nested data in one go

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Robust transactional guarantee, data integrity and enterprise-grade trust.

Broadening our understanding and use of access management and identity data can present an untapped opportunity for businesses, not only providing security but value. 

Lasse Andresen
CEO, IndyKite

Delivering deep intelligence critical for complex use cases

Connected data gives us the power to ask unprecedented questions. Shared data stored in a graph database enables real-time recommendations and hyper-personalization during the shopping experience, fine-grained authorization decisions for IT operations and the ability to expose hidden patterns in vast quantities of data for business optimization or research breakthroughs.

Identity Knowledge Graph in use
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