Identity Knowledge Graph

The only identity knowledge graph that provides the foundation of trust for product and application creation

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Connect siloed data sets and applications

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Enhance the context and understanding

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Operationalize identity

Maximize the operational impact of your existing identity products

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Better visibility of your data

Align, manage and monitor your data

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Better control of your data

Hyper-granular access control 

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Unlimited insights

Lightning fast querying

Securely unify data from across the organization to enhance applications, analytics, authorization and AI

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Identity data:

  • human identities
  • machine identities
  • accounts (authN)
  • access policies
  • resources

Customer data:

  • consent
  • preferences
  • relationships and behavioral data

Business data:

  • products
  • services
  • usage
  • business processes

A real-time view of your identity landscape

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A knowledge graph

that holistically captures the identities of customers and IoT devices along with the rich relationships between them

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A dynamic and real-time data model

that unifies disconnected identity data and business metadata into one contextualized layer

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An intuitive data model

that closely resembles the business logic and is highly customizable to your business

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A flexible and easily extensible data model

where you can start out small and well-scoped, then can grow in size and complexity along with your use cases

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