Identity Knowledge Graph

The Identity Knowledge Graph is the core of the IndyKite Platform

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Align, manage and monitor your identity data

The Identity Knowledge Graph is a fit-for-purpose contextualized data model that connects domain data across multiple sources, providing new views of data that are useful for specialized purposes like authorization, data sharing, insights, analytics and AI.

Maximize the operational impact of your identity data

  1. Collate identity data across silos
  2. Contextualize identity data with additional business & metadata
  3. Operationalize identity data for authorization, insights or threat detection
  4. Capture user consent scoped to what's needed & when it's needed
  5. Share approved data with partners and 3rd parties
  6. Centrally manage and monitor the flow, use and accuracy of data
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A real-time view of your identity landscape

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A knowledge graph that holistically captures the identities of customers and IoT devices along with the rich relationships between them

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A dynamic and real-time data model that unifies disconnected identity data and business metadata into one contextualized layer

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An intuitive data model that closely resembles the business logic and is highly customizable to your business

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A flexible and easily extensible data model where you can start out small and well-scoped, then can grow in size and complexity along with your use cases

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