Identity Insights

Accelerate your understanding of customers, devices, and machines

Knowledge-Based Access Control

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Supercharged by the Identity Knowledge Graph, IndyKite Identity Insights delivers deep, dynamic context necessary for complex decision making.

Tap into your organization's identity-centric graph for a new level of understanding of your users, systems and IoT devices - how they behave, relate and act together.

Use Identity Insights as a key enabler for your AI use cases.

Leverage existing identity data at your organization

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Connect your enriched Identity Knowledge Graph with your analytics stack

Create and store vector databases across this connected, high-dimensional, context-rich data for fast retrieval as context input to AI systems and ML models.

Perform analytics with deeper context:

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Community and network detection

Combining siloed data and enriching it with context makes it possible to begin inferring and observing clusters of behavior or similarity. Uncover insights and opportunities around groups or communities - including their behaviors and preferences.

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Consolidating identity data

Combining siloed data makes it possible to resolve duplicate or conflicting entries around digital identities. Align your digital identities to deliver seamless customer journeys within your brand or across your B2B ecosystems.

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Recommendations for products and services

Combining siloed data makes it possible to understand insights about your customers, their buying behavior as well as their buying potential. Enrich your existing analytics and recommendations products with rich context from your Identity Knowledge Graph.

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