Trusted Data Sharing

Granular, user-owned data permission management

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Privacy-embedded authorization

Unlock new opportunities for product creation without compromising security. Build trust and emphasize transparency with your customers.

User-approved access control

End-users control and fully manage the granting and revoking of permissions to access their data. Once access to data is granted, the organization can use permissions as a part of the authorization request run by our dynamic authorization solution, Knowledge-Based Access Control

OIDC/OAuth2 consent flow

IndyKite Trusted Data Sharing

Consent accepted or declined at login
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Dynamic data sharing and data fetching between 3rd parties
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Sharing of all types of data (including relationships) linked to the end user
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Data sharing can be granted anywhere in the user flow
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Write back to source systems
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Build trust and emphasize transparency with user-owned sharing

  • Intuitive services
  • Private and secure
  • Empowered for delegation
  • Designed for their world
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Deliver peace of mind with compliance and security tracking

  • More revenue opportunities
  • Faster time to value 
  • Loyalty and retention
  • Deep insights and data utility
  • New use cases
Trusted data sharing architecture sample

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