Patricia Alfheim
April 4, 2023

The benefits of leveraging connected data to drive authorization

The benefits of leveraging connected data to drive authorization

Identity and access management (IAM) technology has traditionally been built on static data models (i.e. fixed data set) designed to facilitate coarse grained authorization logic. 

While the industry has moved on and there has been significant advancement with many of the solutions on offer, getting to fine-grained authorization that is scalable, dynamic and externalized–three keys to mastering advanced authorization–remains complex and challenging. 

There are a number of approaches and ways to look at this challenge, detailed in depth in a recent blog series, but to date we haven’t really looked at  the underlying data model. 

If we swap out the static data model to a connected data model that leverages real-world, real-time context and relationships (not just between people but also systems and things), a whole new range of possibilities opens up. 

Connected data doesn’t just make authorization a little bit better, it leapfrogs ahead, catching up to the modern applications and services that it needs to enable - without any DIY development on top.   

There are a range of benefits to be quickly realized, but here are our favorites:


With the authorization logic externalized and based on real-time data, decisions can be made efficiently, and with a high level of trust. This means low latency and fast accurate decisions.  Further, design and implementation is faster than traditional solutions, getting you up and running in no time–bringing you value sooner. 


The flexible nature of a connected data model, means that you can adjust your policies, data sets, and schemas as you scale, without risk of unintentional breakdowns or accidental architectures to manage.

User experience 

Dynamic, real time advanced authorization means you can limit the friction for the user and drive great experiences that the user loves. Further, the data driving the authorization logic can be queried for further use, such as for recommendation engines and personalizations. 

Business value 

Data is gold, and connected data models capture rich knowledge that will continue to grow as your users engage and share data with you. This data can then be queried to uncover deep insights, develop new solutions and ultimately enable new identity use cases that can drive value for your business. 

Each one of these benefits alone, can provide a powerful differentiator and drive growth in competitive markets. Together, they are game changing for your organization, commercial prospects and your end user. 

Most businesses already have heavily invested in IAM solutions and have a number of legacy systems to manage. Ripping out the old to make way for the new is often painful, out of scope and altogether unachievable. 

The final benefit to understand with a connected data IAM solution, is that it can be fully integrated and connected to your existing stack. No rip and replace required, and as it can leverage data from your current systems, you can actually extend the value of your existing investment. 

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