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Webinar Identity knowledge in action

JAN 25, 2023 03:00 PM, CET

Identity knowledgein action: Utility across the Value Chain

Identity knowledge is the key that unlocks the value of contextualized, enriched identity data to drive value across your business. Join the IndyKite team as we walk through various practical applications of identity knowledge.

Past events

January 25, 2023

Webinar: Identity Knowledge in action

Utility across the value chain

Join the IndyKite team as they walk through how to turn identity data in to identity knowledge to extend traditional CIAM workflows, and explore real world examples creating business value.
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Sutton Maxwell and Erik Marcus Torkildsen
November 30, 2022

Webinar: Customer Identity in Web 3.0

Retail's Best Asset

Join us as Sutton Maxwell walks through the fast evolving retail landscape with Erik Marcus Torkildsen, Head of Identification and Payments at Rema 1000, one of Noway's largest supermarket chains.
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Brad Tumy and Johannes Kolberg
September 28, 2022


Building your identity and knowledge base

The IndyKite team walk us through how to define the data model, design access control, enrich and extend the data and create business value.
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Alexandra Teachout and Brad Tumy
August 31, 2022


Knowledge Based Access Control

Join us as we walk through how Knowledge Based Access works and why its the new generation of advanced authorization.
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with David Mahdi
June 22, 2022


Orchestration: privacy and consent in Web 3.0

David Mahdi talks us through the challenging landscape to unpack the opportunities in privacy and consent, with Sutton Maxwell bringing IndyKite's perspective.
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with Scott McNealy
May 4, 2022


Unlocking the value of identity with AI

In this webinar, we welcome Lasse Andresen and special guest Scott McNealy, Co-founder of Sun Microsystems to share their thoughts on what we could learn if we applied machine learning and artificial
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Sutton Maxwell
March 23, 2022


Connected Dots: Graph Data for Digital Identity

In this webinar, we go through how graph technology can be applied in a digital identity context and the business value it can deliver.
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Sutton Maxwell
February 23, 2022


Towards Web 3.0: Digital Identity's Evolving role

In this webinar, we explore what the reality of web 3.0 means for the way digital identity is managed. IndyKite's, VP EMEA Sutton Maxwell, walks participants through how identity has been managed...
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