Patricia Alfheim
September 8, 2023

How data management can improve IAM capabilities

How data management can improve IAM capabilities

Gartner predicts that within the next 3 years, organizations that adopt leading data management practices in support of their IAM program will realize 40% improvement in time to value delivery for key IAM program objectives than their peers.1

Data management is the often forgotten or overlooked side of Identity and Access Management (IAM). It has been the standard to procure services to perform particular actions or functions, and it’s only really been in the last decade that connected data and data management has become a consideration for businesses. 

There is much to be gained if we start looking at IAM not just for its performative actions (authentication, onboarding, authorization, governance, etc.) but for the data that drives them. The reason IAM has perhaps lagged behind other industries in data connectivity and utilization is the challenge of accessing and operationalizing the data. 

IAM is bogged down with legacy systems designed for a previous era, with data locked away or unavailable, data integration difficulties, and data quality issues. 

These challenges can be approached from a variety of ways, including new tooling, extending the use of data management tools already in place in your organization (like snowflake), or DIY with knowledge graphs. 

The first can be expensive, the second impractical, and the third difficult. 

So where to start?

IndyKite looks at IAM from the data perspective and has borrowed principles and thinking from the data management world. This has led to the development of IndyKite’s Identity Data Platform, which connects, unifies, and operationalizes your IAM data to drive smarter decisions, analytics, AI and threat detection. 

So if you want to see more value from your IAM, more complex and efficient decision power, flexibility as you grow and scale, plus new use cases, products and services—we can help. Book a demo and we can walk you through how it works. 

Learn more about IndyKite’s Identity Data Platform here.

1. 4 Steps to Improve IAM Capabilities Using Data Management Top Practices, Gartner 2023

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