The Identity Data Platform

A unified, identity-centric view of your assets.

Leverage existing identity data across your organization to drive security decisions and better understand your customers.

Unify your data to drive better business value across your products and services.

IndyKite Identity Data Platform

The IndyKite Identity Data Platform is a cloud-native SaaS solution that leverages a connected data model to deliver Identity and Access Management (IAM) services. Powered by a graph core, IndyKite enables organizations to unify identity and business data into an operational data layer that supports complex and sophisticated use cases.

Reduce your attack surface by leveraging a decentralized identity model, offering greater security and privacy for users. Build trust through safe, secure and frictionless interactions to grow customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Drive value with a unified identity fabric


Unified - A holistic identity view

Connect identity data and business metadata across silos in an identity-centric graph-based data model


Dynamic - A real-world model of your business

Start small addressing your business needs today and easily expand as your requirements grow.


Open - An extension to your existing architecture

Augment your existing IAM infrastructure with open extensions and existing standards.


Managed - A platform that incorporates the best of data engineering

Understand, visualize and audit the use of your digital identities across the organization.

Powered by Identity Knowledge Graph

Accurately reflect your landscape of users, applications, machines and data types. A real-world data model of both person and non-person entities and the relationships between them.

Identity Knowledge Graph

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