Patricia Alfheim
August 29, 2022

From Security to Utility

The new frontier of Identity and Access Management 

From Security to Utility

If you attend any IAM conference this year, you will hear ZERO TRUST mentioned countless times. How to achieve it will vary with each speaker along with what it really means. But the consensus is clear - security starts with identity, and identity is focussed on security.  

Securely enabling appropriate access is the foundation of identity and access management. We started with directories and eventually became more sophisticated using roles to determine access. In the last decade we reached a new level of flexibility in attribute and policy based access control giving more granular controls and therefore establishing a higher level of trust. 

The identity industry’s focus started on security, and has stayed on security. Understandably. Security is critically important with failures or breaches expensive and potentially catastrophic. Further, the data that enables secure access is also often its undoing due to its attractiveness and value to malicious actors.

Identity data is often then viewed as a necessary liability. 

Here’s where we take a different view.

A decentralized identity model offers a greater level of security and privacy. In addition, by using graph technology, contextual data can provide incredibly valuable insights. From this view, identity data is no liability - it is bursting with business opportunity. 

The insights gleaned from the contextual data can produce more accurate and granular risk analytics, enable hyper-personalisation and effective recommendations - all of which drive business growth. 

Broadening our understanding and use of access management and identity data can present an untapped opportunity for businesses, not only providing security but value.  

- Lasse Andresen

Gartner and Forrester analysts have been pointing at the possible utilization of this contextual identity data for some time, however the industry is yet to shift focus. The opportunities to capitalize on this will become more obvious the more Web 3.0 comes into effect and the more decentralized models of IAM are adopted. 

There’s no need to wait though - the opportunity is there now for the taking. Get ahead of the curve and start seeing value from your IAM system.

Get it touch and a team member will walk you through how it can create value for your business.


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