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Identity-first security to enable trusted, seamless customer experiences

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Build trust with every transaction

Customers expect world class security when dealing with their finances, which often comes with high friction experiences. Reverse this trend with low friction, seamless user journeys while still delivering on privacy and security.

Build up from a compliant foundation to extend your identity workflows and create more value for you and your customers. Reduce your attack surface by leveraging a decentralized identity model offering greater privacy and security for your users.

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Experience real-time threat detection and responsive authorization

Leverage the rich insights of the Identity Knowledge Graph for more granular threat detection. Utilize the responsive, context aware authorization policies of Knowledge-Based Access Control  to increase assurance. Apply machine learning for immediate, intelligent risk analysis.

Built for open banking

Use your IAM to enable a set of digital services that can securely and quickly share the relevant data in and amongst other systems. Orchestrate across IT & Cloud, creating new ecosystems of valuable relationships. Realize the benefit of knowledge driven identity and access management:

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Simplify and enable complex use cases

Icon extend authorization workflows

Orchestrate identity across applications

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Enable data sharing with consent for the next generation of banking services.

Use Case: Digital Identity Wallet

IndyKite’s product suite can be used as the foundation for a digital identity wallet, allowing businesses to connect data dynamically, enriched with semantics. This enables fast and safe authentication, minimal sharing of personal information and enhanced user control.
The digital identity wallet can allow financial service providers to facilitate the verification of identity objects such as a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, proof of address and bank details that can then be used to authenticate. When a service provider requires the user to authenticate, the user can initiate this via the digital wallet, sharing only the minimum amount of information with the vendor. This will occur as an alternative process to existing authentication and can be done digitally or in person via a 2D barcode on the mobile application.

By opening up private, trusted services for citizens to share information, businesses will have access to approved data, allowing for more complex use case solutions. This includes facilitating power of attorney and delegation of authentication, where IndyKite can dramatically simplify the current process, while still adhering to legal requirements.

For example, when applied to collecting registered mail on behalf of another, a process that has required physical identification of both parties, the recipient can authorize their delegate inside the digital identity wallet. The authorized person can then simply collect the parcel from the post office, removing a number of obstacles for the customer.

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