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Financial Services

Financial services organizations are under pressure to transform and deliver next generation services to customers. It has been impacted heavily by a rapid commoditization and consolidation of both traditional and modern banking services, competition from other neo-banks, fintech startups and new regulations. These businesses need to innovate with new and relevant services for both b2b and b2c customers.


The Financial Services imperative

In many of these organizations, this means using your IAM to enable a set of digital services that can securely and quickly share the relevant data in and amongst other systems across IT & Cloud, creating new ecosystems of valuable relationships.


Strong Authentication. Privacy & Consent. Open APIs

Along with these challenges, following eIDAS regulations and compliance in Europe means Financial Services organisations must now unlock platform capability to broadly accept digital identities across multiple contexts/ regulatory environments/ stakeholders.

Strong authentication workflow


Identity for Finance 3.0

IndyKite’s Identity Knowledge Graph ™ untangles the financial services imperative by looking at the problem from the perspective of Identity Relationships. IndyKite’s Identity Knowledge Graph™ connects source-data services together to offset and improve the picture of risk and help address fraud, so banks can make rapid and effective ‘Decisions’ based on trusted data.

Contextual data. Connect and secure critical digital financial services via Identity Relationships, with rich, dynamic contextual data.

Dynamic Authorization. Persist Zero Trust across financial services environments with IndyKite’s Dynamic Authorization.

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Trusted Onboarding and Verification

Proofing and Verification (KYC)

Integrate proofing and verification services with verified attributes, facial matching and biometrics, liveness checks and NFC id document scanning.

Knowledge Based Access Control (KBAC)

Knowledge Based Access Control (KBAC)

Leverage the power of the knowledge graph to perform Dynamic Authorization - interrogating the continuously changing context, allowing for more advanced authorization use cases.

Digital wallet

Digital Wallet

A whitelabeled wallet built to the NIST & EU (eIDAS 2.0) framework, delivering privacy and consent management, verified data sharing and contextual security components.

‍The benefits of Authorization-as-a-Service

Why knowledge matters 

Dynamic authorization makes sense in principle, but what do we really mean when we talk about a solution requiring more flexible data models?

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From Security to Utility

The new frontier of Identity and Access Management 

Is security the only benefit of identity management - or is there another opportunity waiting to be discovered?

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Why knowledge is important for authorization

Authorization is a major part of an Identity and Access Management system (IAM) and is often a critical differentiator for medium to large enterprises. 

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