Connected data

Knowledge Graph

As the digital world becomes increasingly complex and identity moves beyond humans and passwords, traditional IAM systems are proving inadequate. The IndyKite platform is empowered by a Knowledge Graph. A real-world network of both person and non-person entities—i.e. objects, events, situations, or concepts—and the relationship between them.


The Challenge with Fixed Data Models

Identity is the inherent mechanism to enable, secure, and prove trust. Authentication and authorization systems exist in almost every software system and are almost universally architected based on data models that use vertical hierarchical structures like LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) or rigid table structures (schemas), traditionally SQL.


New Value in Trusted Digital Relationships

Connected data gives us the power to ask unprecedented questions. Shared data stored in a graph database enables real-time recommendations and hyper personalization during the shopping experience, fine-grained authorization decisions for IT operations and the ability to expose hidden patterns in vast quantities of data for business optimization or research breakthroughs.

example of graph relationships



openCypher is an open-source project that makes it easy to use the Cypher language in order to incorporate graph processing capabilities within your application. It provides an intuitive way to work with property graphs today and is the best on-ramp to the graph query language (GQL) standard being developed by ISO.

Originally contributed by Neo4j, Cypher is now used by over 10 products and tens of thousands of developers.

Easy-to-learn and human-readable, Cypher is suitable for developers, data scientists and operations professionals alike.


A Graph-Based Identity Fabric

The relationship graphs that emerged in the beginning of the social web taught us identity is contextual, making “relationship-based access control” an elegant solution to an age-old security problem.


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Trusted Onboarding and Verification

Onboarding and authentication

Bring your own identity provider or use IndyKite Authentication to securely onboard your customers.

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Identity Knowledge Graph

Accurately reflect your landscape of users, applications, machines and data types.

Trusted Authentication

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Advanced authorization driven by knowledge


From Corporate Identity to Business Asset

When we look at identity from the perspective of the relationships between things and humans instead of their individual attributes, we discover hidden insights that can help companies optimize personalization, recommend complementary products, and discover new business opportunities.