Identity Insights Threat Detection

Extract insights from security data across silos in your business

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Supercharged by the Identity Knowledge Graph, IndyKite Identity Insights Threat Detection delivers powerful insights on user behavior to enrich your ITDR workflows.

Strengthen your security decision making by leveraging insights from your existing Identity Knowledge Graph.

Deep Intelligence to power security decision making

Once you have created a rich Identity Knowledge Graph and understand user & device interactions, you have the foundation for extensive security applications:

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Anomaly and attention shift detection

When a user or device shifts focus it may signal cause for concern. Simply export change signals per user and import directly into your existing threat systems

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Unused Data

Data that is never queried leads to increased cost and reduced performance. Use IndyKite to understand what data should be unloaded without impacting the quality of other services deployed

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Policy management

Easily and safely identify unused policies, overlapping policies and policies that should be tuned for performance

Extend the use of identity data at your organization

User Access Fingerprinting

  • Monitor the semantic context in which digital identities interact with IndyKite services
  • Track how this interaction is similar or different over time
  • Create a rich historical understanding of behaviors of users & devices critical to understanding anomalies

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