April 9, 2024

Time to make identity smarter

Time to make identity smarter

Today, April 9th, we celebrate identity management day.

Launched in 2021, Identity Management Day educates leaders on the importance of identity management, focusing on governance, identity-centric security best practices, and the risks of inadequate protection of identities and access credentials.

“The goal of Identity Management Day is to raise awareness, share best practices, and inspire individuals and organizations of all sizes to act so that failure to implement basic identity management best practices doesn’t result in the next headline breach.” 

Properly managing, protecting and securing the identity of every user is one of the most crucial tasks of any modern organization. Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the discipline that ensures the right entity is accessing the right dataset with the right credentials at the right time. 

This year the campaign is also raising awareness of how individuals can ‘be identity smart’ and have published some helpful tips here.

Individual identities form the perimeter of an organization and are a vital part of protecting systems. At the same time individuals interact with countless IAM functions every day via various applications and products. The more savvy individuals become, the better systems and data are protected. But - individuals are also customers. Customers who want delightful, secure and seamless experiences without friction. 

To deliver on this desire - we also need to make identity smarter. 

Much of the IAM technology in use today was created for the previous era of systems and has not kept pace with the rate of development required by modern applications.  These legacy and obsolete IAM systems were well suited for a static world, but if we want to enable intelligent and dynamic applications, suitable for a connected world - we need IAM systems to be equally as clever. 

Traditional IAM simply needs to become smarter to catch up to the applications and services it enables.

But how? The answer lies in the data and how it is connected and leveraged. 

If we augment the static data models of yesteryear with a connected data model that leverages real-world, real-time context and relationships (not just between people but also systems and things), a whole new range of possibilities opens up - and IAM gets a whole lot smarter. 

Smarter IAM means solving more complex use cases, delivering better customer experiences and achieving faster time to value. Smarter IAM can also extend value across the business, leveraging IAM data for analytics and deeper understanding of your customer. 

So while individuals will become increasingly ‘identity smart’ (thanks to initiatives like Identity Management Day), they will also demand that IAM gets smarter to deliver on the experiences they desire - and businesses are listening to their customers. 

This identity management day - let’s make Identity smarter too. 

Learn more about how IndyKite is working towards this goal here.

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