The IndyKite Story

“It isn’t just the Internet of things anymore, it is the Internet of people, devices, data and services.”

-- Phillip Dunkelberger

The IndyKite Story

Today’s identity systems manage billions of identities - mostly humans at work and play. But humans are only part of the picture. In just a few short years, more than 75 billion connected devices will also use the internet to share data. More devices collecting data, means more data to manage. But the business challenge isn’t just about managing large data volumes - it’s also about generating actionable insight from the data. Machine Learning (ML) and graph technology enables businesses to analyze relationships.

But without identity and access management governing access to the data and systems in place, we cannot prove authenticity and warrant trust across an increasingly complex set of relationships and connected “things.” When we look at identity from the perspective of the relationships between things and humans instead of their individual attributes, we discover hidden insights that can help companies optimize personalization, recommend complementary products, and discover new business opportunities.

A Graph-Based Identity Fabric

Identity is the inherent mechanism to enable, secure, and prove trust in and across IT/Cloud systems. Authentication and authorization processes exist in every software system and are almost universally architected based on data models that use vertical hierarchical structures like LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) or rigid table structures (schemas), traditionally SQL. This limits the flexibility of existing identity methods to a human-centric identity paradigm – and by design they fail to address the needs of an increasingly complex and heterogenous mix of connected devices and their shared data.

The relationship graphs that emerged in the beginning of the social web taught us identity is contextual, making “relationship-based access control” an elegant solution to an age-old security problem. Relationship based access enables protected access to IoT devices and their data. In the near future, we forsee an IoT device “learning” it’s access and orchestration requirements directly from the network it connects to;, without needing someone to manually configure its access and provisioning controls. This newfound intelligence can then be applied to improve human identity access controls as well.

Business Asset

Shared data stored in a graph database enables real-time recommendations and hyper personalization, ine-grained authorization decisions for IT operations and the ability to expose hidden patterns in vast quantities of data for business optimization or research breakthroughs. By mobilizing the data via graph and combining this with a robust identity fabric IndyKite enables digital identity and data sharing systems to generate new business value with high confidence in the authenticity of the data and inherent trust that it has not been compromised..

Open Architecture, Community-Driven

Our developer friendly identity framework, based on the relationship graph, supports existing authorization and authentication for humans and non-human identities, while turning the relationships between data into meaningful and actionable insights. Welcome to IndyKite: Innovating the Identity of everything!

About us

IndyKite is building a new paradigm of digital identity solutions, based on a model that solves for all kinds of identities and the many ways they interact with and inform each other. Identity is the inherent mechanism to enable, secure, and prove trust. With IndyKite, the world's 23 million developers have the ability to implement identity controls for 75 billion+ identities, and all their data.

IndyKite is founded by serial entrepreneur Lasse Andresen, a 20+ year digital identity veteran. Most recently Andresen founded ForgeRock in 2010 and as their CEO, grew the company from a startup to an industry leader with 100% year-over-year growth, while securing $230 million top-tier venture funding from Accel Partners, Foundation Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, KKR and Riverwood Capital. ForgeRock has been named as a global leader in digital identity by Gartner, Forrester Research and KuppingerCole. When he's not dreaming up the next big thing in identity, Lasse is a passionate keyboard player and cyclist, and has toured countries around the world.