The IndyKite Story

IndyKite is building a new paradigm of customer centric, digital identity solutions, with a connected data core.

We want to help our clients to move beyond traditional IAM and driving business value across all their products and services. 

With products that securely manage human, IoT, and machine identity, our products leverage machine learning to deliver context-aware authorization, knowledge driven decisions, trusted data sharing and risk analytics.

Built on a knowledge graph data model, IndyKite enables developers with flexible APIs through a growing open-source ecosystem.


Unlocking the potential of identities on the internet of everything. Enabling everyone to achieve value from identity knowledge - creating a new benchmark for transparency, trust and accountability in the connected world.


Providing businesses with a privacy-compliant, stack agnostic and easy-to-implement layer to their existing set of IAM and data management tools, we enable them to take highly sensitive identity data and safely and securely extend and enhance its use - leveraging identity as a force multiplier and a creator of business value.

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It isn’t just the internet of things anymore, it is the internet of people, devices, data and services.

Phillip Dunkelberger

Lasse Andresen

Founder and CEO

Lasse Andresen, a 20+ year digital identity veteran, is the founder and CEO of IndyKite. Lasse previously co-founded leading IAM company, ForgeRock, which became publicly traded in 2021. As CEO, Lasse led the company through the startup phase to become an industry leader, with a $2.8 billion valuation at IPO.

Seeing a unique and exciting opportunity in approaching identity from a connected data perspective, Lasse began building a new project. He wanted to push the boundaries of the industry and challenge the current ways of thinking around identity, privacy and data sharing. In 2021, after quickly assembling a talented team of experts, IndyKite was born.

When he's not dreaming up the next big thing in identity, Lasse is a passionate keyboard player and cyclist, and has toured countries around the world.

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