February 27, 2024

IndyKite and Identity Fusion join forces to fast-track ROI on identity projects

IndyKite and Identity Fusion join forces to fast-track ROI on identity projects

Identity data management vendor, IndyKite and Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation experts Identity Fusion have today announced a new strategic partnership to help customers improve security and realize ROI on IAM projects sooner.

The partnership will see IndyKite’s Identity Data Platform supported by Identity Fusion’s implementation and advisory services. The platform, designed to extend, empower, and leverage existing IAM infrastructure, will allow Identity Fusion to help customers achieve greater return on their IAM investments.

Founder of Identity Fusion, Bill Nelson said that this partnership would present a valuable offering to customers. 

‘The partnership with IndyKite enables us to give clients a more secure, efficient, and profitable experience. With the ever-looming threats in the cyber world, it’s our ambition to turn obstacles into opportunities. We are excited to enhance how customers leverage their IAM investments to fortify security and drive ROI, ultimately fostering a safer interconnected business ecosystem,’ Bill said.

Lasse Andresen, CEO and Founder of IndyKite said that he looked forward to delivering world-class projects together with Identity Fusion that offer unmatched value for the market. 

‘In the IAM space, strong partnerships are critical to delivering fantastic services to customers. I have known the team at Identity Fusion for many years and fully trust the quality of services they provide,’ he said. 

This partnership comes as the IAM industry is experiencing some major changes to leading vendors and Gartner’s recently issued prediction that adopting data management practices in IAM will result in a 40% improvement in time-to-value delivery. 

‘There is so much untapped potential in the utilization of identity data right now, we see this as the perfect time to join forces with implementation experts like Identity Fusion to help customers see the powerful impact it can have on creating value, while protecting and ensuring a seamless end-user experience,’ Lasse said. 

‘Digital Identity is undergoing a major transformation - and customers will benefit from fresh thinking and new solutions in the IAM space. We’re excited to work with IndyKite to help bring to the market a valuable platform toolkit to extend traditional IAM workflows with strong underlying data-management capabilities. Combined with our expertise in the most effective and efficient implementation of Digital Identity solutions, it's a strong offer to current and new customers,’ Bill said. 

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