June 7, 2023

Podcast: Category Visionaries with Lasse Andresen

Podcast: Category Visionaries with Lasse Andresen

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In this episode of Category Visionaries, we speak with Lasse Andresen, CEO and Founder of IndyKite, an identity platform that’s raised $10 Million in funding, about why identity management is at the center of so much in our modern world. With an identity-type agnostic approach to managing authentication for their customers, IndyKite helps people get the most out of every one of their devices without sacrificing all-important security.

We also speak about Lasse’s career history, involvement with other companies and a multi-billion-dollar public market launch, technology’s impact on improving customer experiences, and the power of open-source software to drive a new generation of change across a whole range of industries.

Topics Discussed:

  • Making all the mistakes a founder could make, learning, and moving forward towards success at the end
  • The roller coaster ride of taking a company public, and why Lasse aspires to do the same thing with IndyKite
  • Why major developer conferences can function as a hotbed of innovative energy and bring about an incredible exchange of ideas
  • Why Lasse disagrees with the revolving door of contemporary hiring and prioritizes

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