Visualised Representations

Social Web 3.0

The relationship graphs that emerged in the beginning of the social web taught us identity is contextual, making ‘relationship-based access control’ an elegant solution to an age-old security problem. IndyKite’s Identity Knowledge Graph is a key service within indyRIOT’s software, which lets companies quickly launch their own fully-branded, independent community, and—most importantly—keep the ownership of their data while protecting people's privacy.


Zero Trust for Social Web3

Identity-Relationships are at the heart of this proposition: providing the secure linkages between trusted identities, achieved from a basis in Zero Trust, with rich contextual data.


Leveraging Contextual Data

The context in which the access is requested, or as the service is utilized, provides insights which can be used in different ways. We can take better actions: for e.g recommending what might come next in the user journey.


Based on Trusted Identity Relationships

IndyKite’s Identity Relationship Graph ™ is a graph-based identity fabric, which businesses can leverage to drive decisions, actions, and insights for generating new top-line revenue, while handling threats and addressing security concerns.

Recommendation Engine. Securely and safely create relationships between identities and identity attributes, leverage the contextual understanding to recommend and personalize what comes next.

Private & Confidential. A Zero Trust architecture means we can ask for consent if and when we need it, based in specific context relevant to the end user. Increasing the relevance and specificity increases the possibilities to convert and retain customers.