Payment Services

Delivering highly available, seamless payment services in a competitive and regulated environment Payment Services Providers (PSPs) need to rapidly assess and recognize risk, while ensuring trust and guaranteeing privacy and confidence. PSPs are also increasingly challenged by their partners to enable end-consumers a modern, resilient, and world class user experience for large, diverse customer and buyer segments.


Digital Identity as a Business Asset

Today’s IAM platforms unlock a number of these challenges. However, today’s centrally managed IAM platforms, with static data models underpinning them, are not fully up to the task. We need much more insight - and this requires rich, contextual data.


Strengthen Risk Models for Payment Services

Contextual and granular insight, combined with robust and dynamic identity processes, can also help augment risk models for detecting fraudulent behavior.

Authentication payment workflow

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Solving the PSP Puzzle

IndyKite’s Identity Knowledge Graph™ tackles these issues while serving up deep insights based on rich contextual data. PSPs can now connect payment, transaction, services, and identity data together and form a broader picture across their own business, and for 3rd party partners and customers. In forming trusted identity relationships with IndyKite’s cloud-native platform, PSPs add new value to their offerings which are private, secure, and provide intelligent consent.

Risk & Fraud. Drive better decisions with rich, contextual data based on trusted identity Relationships.

Boost revenues. Drive better customer experiences, increase adoption, retention and stickiness of payment offerings with hyper-personalised services out to customers and partners.

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