Edge identity

Smart Factory

Onboarding / offboarding industrial devices and machines in critical environments - like that of a 24/7 factory floor - is an industrial control process governed by sophisticated industrial systems. Where, how and when they are being brought ‘online’ determines the governance, control process, and security measures needed, and provides key insights into automation possibilities. At “level 0” devices are fairly “dumb.” Moving up through the layers to level 3 we reach complex machinery controlled by factory control units (SCADA / HMI systems, or otherwise).


Digital Identity Enables Trusted Access

In a factory landscape, there may be multiple control systems, which are manually managed and controlled by operators (often humans) onsite. Lifting factory floor insights these systems already capture rapidly to level 5 (cloud, ERP, order / invoicing) offers a phenomenal gain for industrial businesses.


Digital Identity persists Trust & Integrity

We can’t bring just any device, machine, or control system up into “level 5.” Fine grained Authorization management must govern the process for who/ what gets access to what, why and how. Further, we need to pull the data along with any automated action on the floor: so it can be treated, analyzed, and audited to assure security and compliance with working standards in the factory.

pyramid chart

DecentraliZed control

IndyKite for the Smart Factory

Enabling “dumb” devices and machines to connect - securely and automatically - in an environment where they can “learn” their identities from the network based on Context goes one step further, and provides for new insights and actions the modern “Digital Factory” can act on in real time. This utopia would enable automatic ordering, JIT supply and parts deliveries, true predictive maintenance operations, and more to be solved, vastly improving any factories overall performance output.

Zero Trust. A Zero Trust approach ensures a verification and identification process is invoked for any entity (humans or NPEs) accessing, interacting with, or performing a critical action within a network.

Edge Security. As these devices connect and establish Identity Relationships, we continuously apply Zero Trust concepts via IndyKite’s Dynamic Authorization. The Context of a given action determines the level of security - and therefore level of assurance - we need to apply to a given action within the network.

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