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Education & Learning

Access and portability of sensitive data is a critical element when designing modern digital education and eLearning offerings. In primary education the user-data we need to appropriately deliver personalised, useful digital education can be PII data of children and minors. In the physical world parents or legal guardians of the students have a key role in governing the education path for their children. In the digital world, this takes the form of a Relationship, however various concerns arise rapidly when scaling out eLearning to students.


Digital Identity Enables Safe Learning

Students, instructors, parents or guardians and course / learning content needs to operate and collaborate in fairly interactive environments. Knowing who’s who and who gets access to what is fundamental for all participants in the ecosystem to have a secure and safe experience.


Zero Trust and Dynamic Authorization

A Zero Trust approach ensures a verification and/or identification process is undertaken to enable secure access for all participants, and is persisted with IndyKite’s novell Dynamic Authorization processes.


IndyKite Identity Knowledge Graph

For certain actions, we may wish to increase the level of Trust and run a full fledged verification process. IndyKite’s Identity Relationship Graph ties in computer vision and biometrics where necessary to establish full verified identification is undertaken: providing high trust, confidence and assurance for a given interaction on the learning network.

Trusted Identity Relationships. IndyKites Identity Relationship Graph securely and safely connects the identity data and forms Trusted Relationships (Student - Legal Guardian - Teacher).

Authorization and Zero Trust. IndyKite’s Dynamic Authorization invokes the right checks and balances based in the correct context so the transaction is smooth, private, and efficient, whilst highly secure.

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