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Strong Authentication

Perform strong authentication with industry standard authentication services to enrich the user journey. Adding biometric validation or id verification services to the authentication experience results in a higher level of confidence in who is accessing your protected resources

Strong Authentication

Deliver higher levels of confidence in your authentication services aligned with NIST-800-63 confidence levels. A robust catalog of integrations to align your existing id schemes at high-substantial levels of trust.

Trusted Authentication

Zero Trust for the internet of everything to secure the identity of anything.

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Basic Onboarding and Authentication

Free Onboarding and Authentication

Integrate onboarding and authentication services like email verification, passwordless login, single-sign on, social login, federation and multi-factor authentication.

Trusted Onboarding and Verification

Proofing and Verification (KYC)

Integrate proofing and verification services with verified attributes, facial matching and biometrics, liveness checks and NFC id document scanning.

Digital wallet

Digital Wallet

A whitelabeled wallet built to the NIST & EU (eIDAS 2.0) framework, delivering privacy and consent management, verified data sharing and contextual security components.

Identity orchestration for Web 3.0

We are more online than ever before, and more of our lives are online than ever before. Our personal and identity data is collected by practically every service or product we engage with...

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Orchestration: privacy and consent in Web 3.0

David Mahdi talks us through the challenging landscape to unpack the opportunities in privacy and consent, with Sutton Maxwell bringing IndyKite's perspective.

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The case for accountability

If you are on Twitter you surely know that the topic that has been trending in the last weeks has been…well, Twitter. Check out our thoughts on what authentication could mean for the twitterverse!

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Come build with us!

Open Source is the driving force for innovation. Together we can solve emerging data and identity concerns for both humans and the exploding world of things and non-person entities.

IndyKite sees the opportunity to build the next generation of digital identity. Our developer-friendly identity framework, based on the relationship graph, supports existing authorization and authentication for humans and non-human identities, while turning the relationships between data into meaningful and actionable insights.