The Platform of Possibilities

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The IndyKite Identity Platform

Powered by the Identity Knowledge Graph TM, The IndyKite Platform leverages flexible graph technology to model the real-world (both human and NPE), providing a real-world reference of rich, deep connections and relationships that link your services to your customers, employees and citizens. 

The IndyKite Platform powers the creation of identity reference models to map any device, person, or thing. These reference models are transcribed in our Identity Knowledge Graph as Digital Twins. The reference points to and adapts with your business domain logic, both externalizing your authorization enforcement away from your apps and services while decentralizing the data model underneath.

Cloud Native

Born in the cloud, IndyKite's identity management platform delivers on reliability, speed and scalability to ensure the best user experience.


Allows citizens to take control of their information. Connects people, process, data, and things in a decentralized identity management solution.

Open Source

Collaborate, learn and grow with your users to create the next-generation of identity and access management (IAM) solutions.

The power of the Identity Knowledge Graph can be accessed through a suite of Products and SDKS.

admin console

A low code/no code administration and configuration console to help you manage and leverage value from your complex identity relationships. delivers services to facilitate graph population, data enrichment and granular authorization controls. platform


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digital identity wallet

Digital id wallet

A whitelabeled digital identity wallet leveraging IndyKite platform services through the IndyKite SDK. provides your consumer the ability to manage their own profile data, deciding what to share and with whom to share it with.


IndyKite sees the opportunity to build the next generation of digital identity. Our developer friendly identity framework, based on the relationship graph, supports existing authorization and authentication for humans and non-human identities, while turning the relationships between data into meaningful and actionable insights.

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Come build with us!

Open Source is the driving force for innovation. Together we can solve emerging data and identity concerns for both humans and the exploding world of things and non-person entities.