Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of an identity, being a human, a device or a digital user (such as a chatbot). It may have properties or attributes reflecting the identity it represents, like name, contact info, identifiers or other information to provide a more or less complete picture for the representation. Most humans already have multiple Digital Twins, often used in different contexts, for instance at work for logging in and using corporate services or keeping in touch with friends on social medias.


Human Digital Twins – for Digital Natives

The information associated with a Digital Twin, both directly or as a result of the behaviour, all belongs to the owner of the Digital Twin. Our plattform follows the principle of Privacy by Design, to give the owner of the Digital Twin the trust needed to share information in your customer applications, for mutual benefits.


Chain of Trust

Digital Twins may provide information, but if the identity of the Digital Twin is unknown or is not authorised, the information itself cannot be trusted. Our Identity Fabric provide the chain of trust needed to utilise the data.


For Your Trusted Services

Digital Twins bring with them new possibilities and opportunities. Businesses and organizations are leveraging Digital Twins- of machines, systems, people and all three in various combinations- to gain competitive advantage, increase revenues, and improve society.

Trusted Digital Twins provide you trustworthy information for building your customer services.

You will gain your customers trust only by providing transparency on you platform.


A Graph-Based Identity Fabric

The relationship graphs that emerged in the beginning of the social web taught us identity is contextual, making “relationship-based access control” an elegant solution to an age-old security problem.

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Trusted Onboarding and Verification

Proofing and Verification (KYC)

Integrate trusted onboarding and verification services with verified attributes, facial matching and biometrics, liveness checks and NFC id document scanning.

Knowledge Based Access Control (KBAC)

Knowledge Based Access Control (KBAC)

Leverage the power of the knowledge graph to perform Dynamic Authorization - interrogating the continuously changing context, allowing for more advanced authorization use cases.

Digital wallet

Digital Wallet

A whitelabeled wallet built to the NIST & EU (eIDAS 2.0) framework, delivering privacy and consent management, verified data sharing and contextual security components.


From Corporate Identity to Business Asset

When we look at identity from the perspective of the relationships between things and humans instead of their individual attributes, we discover hidden insights that can help companies optimize personalization, recommend complementary products, and discover new business opportunities.

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