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From onboarding to business opportunity

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Elevate your customer experience with high assurance, low friction onboarding and access

Orchestrate a secure and frictionless user experience across all your channels with strong authentication, advanced authorization and continuous validation.

Gain a dynamic, contextualized identity view of policyholders across all your products and services throughout their lifecycle.

Remove product or organizational silos and discover the benefits of identity knowledge for a real-time view of customer subscriptions, benefits and claims.

Designed to fit perfectly into your current stack with easy implementation to bring you to value faster.

Leverage identity to enhance customer engagement

Enrich and augment your existing data to create a complete view of your customer. Use this knowledge to deliver safe interactions, personalizations, and unlock valuable insights.

Data goes into knowledge graph through IndyKite

Get customers on board faster with high assurance onboarding and identity verification

Identity onboarding and verification, while necessary for all insurance providers, can serve as a competitive advantage. The first interaction with your customer can drive a sense of trust and loyalty with your brand. A frictionless customer experience can be powered by methods such as biometric authentication and trusted verification. Orchestrate this experience across all your interfaces.

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Value Chain - Building the Knowledge Base

Connect your identity data across your portfolio to enhance customer service and drive growth

Build a rich, interconnected dataset which can be extended and enhanced with metadata of entities and relationships. Using known data, you can map the relationships between the customer, their subscribed policies and things, like houses, cars and smart devices, as well as between clients to identify families, neighbors, colleagues etc. Use this rich picture to inform personalized offers and engagement.

See the impact with identity enabled business cases

Deploy identity knowledge to drive more value for your business and customers. The flexible graph-based data model allows you to securely utilize knowledge to create upsell and cross sell opportunities, reduce costs and extend your existing revenue streams.

  • Automate personalized cross-sell and upsell offers to existing customers to increase revenue.
  • Enhance your offerings and business logic with in depth insights into your customers to identify new growth opportunities
  • Reduce your customer acquisition cost and time to value.
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Uncover deep insights into your customer base, to drive growth and reduce costs

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