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Use identity-enabled services as a force multiplier in hospitality

Whether it be walking into your hotel, or using your online services, your guests want convenience, ease and private, high value experiences. Delight them with frictionless authentication, trusted services and personalized offerings, all powered by a connected data model.

Use each interaction to create more value for your customers, building loyalty and driving growth for your brand. Leverage your partnerships and adjacent services, with upsell and cross sell,while gaining deeper insight into your customers and their context.

Private and trusted experiences

Build trust with your customers at every touch point with data shared on their terms, enabling services with their desired level of personalization.

Fully integratable with your existing identity infrastructure, enrich and augment your identity data to create an enhanced view of your customer. Use this knowledge to deliver trusted interactions, personalizations, and incredible services. administration console

Acquire and engage customers quickly and easily with frictionless onboarding and authentication

Make the first interaction with your customer count with secure onboarding, verification and strong authentication.

Leverage the connected data model to deploy omnichannel or universal authentication, simplifying your customer’s journey while connecting data across services.  

Delight your customers with seamless experience from onboarding to checkout, from the digital to the physical realm. administration console digital wallet

Connect and extend the value of your identity data

Realize the power of the underlying knowledge graph, delivering complex access decisions that reflect real world context.

Deploy your enriched datasets and metadata to expand insights and perform granular authorization needed to drive secure interactions within your applications, while enabling new services and offerings in addition.

See the impact with identity enabled business cases

Deploy identity knowledge to drive more value for your business and customers. The flexible graph-based data model allows you to securely utilize knowledge to create new services, reduce costs and extend your existing revenue streams.

  • Connect securely with your customer through all your brands (hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism), creating cross-sell opportunities, geolocation offers and real-time seamless experiences.
  • Leverage connected loyalty programs to drive growth
  • Enable dynamic and flexible payment and booking schemes. administration console

Deliver private, personalized and connected experiences to delight your guests and drive growth

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Trusted Onboarding and Verification

Onboarding and authentication

Bring your own identity provider or use IndyKite Authentication to securely onboard your customers.

Digital wallet

Identity Knowledge Graph

Accurately reflect your landscape of users, applications, machines and data types.

Trusted Authentication

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Advanced authorization driven by knowledge