Healthcare IAM Solutions

Great patient experience and care starts with identity

Healthcare IAM solutions

Health data is personal - let’s keep it that way

No data is more personal than health records. Give your patients control of their data with flexible data sharing and consent options for the user. Modernize your IAM and enable secure patient access to health records across systems and providers.

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Know your patient

Build a high level of trust with every interaction.

Onboard your patients with fast and simple ID proofing and verification services, including ID document scan using NFC, selfie and liveness check, face match and facial biometrics.

Signal to your patients that their security and privacy is not an afterthought by requiring all users to be authenticated, authorized and continuously validated without compromising on the user experience.

Enable complex and advanced authorization

Using IndyKite’s Knowledge Based Access Control (KBAC), we can establish access policies that consider contextual data as well as standard identity data. This can include relationships the patient has in the real world, either with people (i.e. family members), services and healthcare providers or with smart devices such as wearable medical devices.

This data builds valuable knowledge for driving policy decisions and can even facilitate third party authorization (particularly relevant in the context of prescription medication) and
power of attorney.

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Value Chain - Building the Knowledge Base

Power the next generation of healthcare

Identity isn’t just important for people, it’s critical for the appropriate management of ‘things’. In the health sector, machines are a huge part of patient care and they are smarter and more connected than ever. From hospital systems to wearable devices, machines need to be verified, authenticated and connected with a dynamic workforce and patient mix.

IndyKite can differentiate between machines and humans and define access and advanced authorization policies in real time, and at scale.

Use Case: Smart Authorization for Smart Healthcare

In eHealth, roles and context of administrative or technical staff, care facility staff, the patient, care facilities and contracts, and even the devices themselves might change. The context should drive who and what gets access to what, why and how. IndyKite helps healthcare providers capture the context of the patient, which devices / services / staff are providing the care, which care workers are administering the care, and which legal framework governs the care, paving the way for safe and seamless IoT use cases in eHealth.

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