Onboarding and Authentication

Bring your own identity provider or use IndyKite Authentication to securely onboard your customers.

Knowledge-Based Access Control

Onboard with ease and authenticate with trust

Signal to your customers that security is not an afterthought by requiring all users to be authenticated, authorized and continuously validated without compromising on the customer experience. By using secure workflows from the start, you set the foundation for a robust, secure identity knowledge journey.

  • Empower a frictionless customer experience
  • Give more choice to your customers around their data and privacy.
  • Exceed industry authentication standards to drive secure experiences.
Shielded Authentication


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Extended Registration

Allows you to build a knowledge graph from the first touch.

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Highest level of trust

Compliant with eIDAS (EU 2015) and ISO/IEC 29115 standards.

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Email verification

One-time password or magic-link based authentication.

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OpenId Connect/Social Login

Authenticate using federated IdPs any OAuth/OIDC compliant provider as well as social media companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and LinkedIn.

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Passwordless authentication

Use WebAuthn to onboard a user device as a trusted means of authentication.

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Single sign-on

Use SSO to login once and gain access to all of your applications, extends between IndyKite services and other provider services.

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Federated IdP delivered at OAuth/OIDC standards

Use external Identity Providers (IdP) to authenticate end users to services protected by the platform, supported by OAuth/OIDC standards.

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Multi Factor authentication

Add additional factors to the authentication flow to achieve a higher level of assurance.

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Frictionless Login

Authenticate users across all of your applications with a low/no barrier login experience.

Zero Trust for the internet of everything to secure the identity of anything.

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